Hi everyone,

I like to go biking with my friends. We like to bike in the North East Woods. If you live in the Comox Valley you guys should check it out!

I have a BMX which is a freestyle bike. I love to go off jumps. I have never ridden the Cumberland Trials but tell me about it if you have.

Richmond BMX
Creative Commons License Eli Christman via Compfight

Bye. you guys.

Bottle Flipping!

Water 1
NFarmer via Compfight

Have you ever heard of bottle flipping? It’s when you flip a water bottle and it lands on a surface.

I found out about it when I was on my PS3. Now everyone is doing it.

My teacher doesn’t like it when we do it in class because once we had an accident. The cap came off and the water went everywhere! We had to clean it up. We are going to have a water bottle flipping contest at school soon.

My advice is to use a water bottle that is half full. Make sure the cap is on. Don’t use a milk carton because it makes a mess.

Do you bottle flip? Do you have any tips? Please comment!