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Hi everyone,

I like to go biking with my friends. We like to bike in the North East Woods. If you live in the Comox Valley you guys should check it out!

I have a BMX which is a freestyle bike. I love to go off jumps. I have never ridden the Cumberland Trials but tell me about it if you have.

Richmond BMX
Creative Commons License Eli Christman via Compfight

Bye. you guys.

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  1. Trey says:

    Hey what’s up hello

  2. mason says:

    Hi my name is mason from ms mascolo’s blog. I was wondering if you like dirt biking or some other
    sport .

    I also like bmx riding do you go to a skate park if you can put a picture of your bmx
    on your blog
    make sure to check out my bog

  3. Carson says:

    Hey Evann
    I love to bike, I BMX and Mountain bike. I also love to bike in the north east woods and I hit every jump there, do you know about the drop? It is a log was sort of a dirt ramp and then a drop off and you ride and you drop off it into a little dip ramp thing. I have been to Cumberland biking many times, it is really fun there. My favorite place to mountain bike and he jumps is Mount Washington bike park, have you ever been to Mount Washington bike park ?

  4. leelandsd33 says:

    Hey I’m Leeland a grade 6 student from Chilliwack B.C and I am writing to become a powerful commenter

    I am writing because I also like to ride bikes I kind of go BMXing I go to island 22 in Chilliwack and there are some really big jumps but I’m not experienced enough

    What is the best trick you can do? The best I can do is the little jumps here is a link in case your bike brakes

    I also have a blog please check it out

    I loved reading your blog hope you post more about BMXing and outdoor sports-Leeland

  5. Evan says:

    Hey Evann,
    I like to mountain bike and BMX to. I ride the northeast woods and I ride Cumberland in the spring and summer. Recently Mount Washington oped up for mountain biking in the summer. They have some sick trials especially Time Warp and Back in Black, You should ride there.
    Shred the Trials,

  6. Quinn says:

    Hi Evan
    I love biking. I just got my new Norco Storm and love riding the northeast woods. Its been a few month since you posted this so you probably went biking in the Cumberland woods.
    I have never done bmx but it sound really fun.

  7. Trey says:

    Hey Evann.. Again!

    I also like to go biking in the North East Woods and go hit the jumps on my mountain bike! We should go sometime before it snows, or if it does snow this winter! I usually go there with my brother Seth and it’s always a good time in the quiet forest on that sick jumpline

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