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The Letters of the Alphabet

ABCs. Christian Bélanger via Compfight

A,  is for apple because  they are delicious.

B, is for breakfast! I like to have toast & peanut butter.

C, is for cat. We have had one before and now my sister might get one.

D,  is for dad. My dad’s pretty cool because he makes me dinner.

E,  is for Evann–that’s me!!!

F,  is for food. Hashbrowns are my favourite.

G,  is for girl. I think they are pretty.

H,  is for hat. I have tons in my locker

I,  is for is ice cream. I don’t really like because it doesn’t make me feel good.

J, I like jumping on the trampoline.

K,  is for Sponge Bob working at the Krusty Krab.

L,  I have a pretty cool friend named Lane.

N, I badly need to clean my room.

O, I really like the movie “Home.” The main character is named O.

P, I love getting a popsicle Thursdays after school.

Q, I want to practice doing a 360 on my scooter so I can do it quick.

R, I don’t like Razor scooters because of the way some of them fold up.

S, I like Superman because he’s my favourite super hero.

T, I want to learn how to do a tail whip on my scooter.

U, I like unicorns because they’re awesome.

V, I don’t like vanilla ice cream!

W, I like to go to the beach and watch the waves.

X, I like the movie X-men, and my favourite  one is Wolverine, Logan.

Y, We need the  yellow sun to survive on earth.

Z, I like zombies movies because they’re scary.