My Adventure at Camp

Oct - 27 2017

I’m glad I got to go with my class on the adventure to Hornby Camp. It was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot about my friends, and things I didn’t know. I learned that it helps somebody by your side, helping you, and encouraging you. The hardest thing that I had to do […]

The Letters of the Alphabet

Mar - 13 2017

Christian Bélanger via Compfight A,  is for apple because  they are delicious. B, is for breakfast! I like to have toast & peanut butter. C, is for cat. We have had one before and now my sister might get one. D,  is for dad. My dad’s pretty cool because he makes me dinner. E,  is […]


Nov - 03 2016

James Buck via Compfight Hi guys, It’s Evann, I am writing about skateboarding and the tricks  I can do and where I go skateboarding. Where I skate: I skate at The Link with my  friends.  Me and my friends can ollie. My friends taught me how to skate. I can almost pop shuv-it. -Evann

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