Mar - 14 2018

I chose this because why to die because it Is fast and  but it would hurt the most to you would be in shock I don’t think I would touch it but be careful you never noes what could happen I don’t think I would be in space but it would be fun that would […]

Mar - 06 2018

I live in British Columbia and the small place I live in is Comox. It is so fun! If you guys ever come out here you should play some soccer.There are awesome soccer fields. The one that I like the best is at the Sports Center. It is a turf field and it is really […]

Dec - 18 2017

What i do not want for Christmas Jake Paul march  cause do not like his much i use to like some of it because it is so bad do you guys like Jake Paul merch i do not want is a lump of coil because you should only get it if you are on the knotty […]

Dec - 01 2017

What do you think of my dream car? When I earn my first million, this will be what I get. I love Lambordinis, they are my favourite. What is your favourite car?

Nov - 24 2017

  Sid the Kid…who is he in real life? Sidney Crosby was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the best in the NHL in my opinion, because the team he was on, the Pittsburgh Penguins, has won the Stanley Cup two years in a row. He’s worked very hard to get where he is. Sidney […]

Nov - 09 2017

Cris Domínguez via Compfight I think he was happy after he did this ollie. It probably took him a long time trying to do it but he was happy when he did it. I can do an ollie but it took me a long time to do it but it was so hard to learn. […]

Oct - 27 2017

I’m glad I got to go with my class on the adventure to Hornby Camp. It was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot about my friends, and things I didn’t know. I learned that it helps somebody by your side, helping you, and encouraging you. The hardest thing that I had to do […]

Oct - 20 2017

Hello Readers, My name is Evann. This is an all about me post. First off, I am in the same class as last year. I’m so excited to start blogging again. We have new bloggers in our class now. I will make lots of new posts for you guys. Ok, I am so excited guys, it is […]

Mar - 13 2017

Christian Bélanger via Compfight A,  is for apple because  they are delicious. B, is for breakfast! I like to have toast & peanut butter. C, is for cat. We have had one before and now my sister might get one. D,  is for dad. My dad’s pretty cool because he makes me dinner. E,  is […]

Mar - 07 2017

Hi guys, We are trying  to find Cupid. He is running away from all of the people. We don’t know where he is. Do you guys know where Cupid is? Because we are working on traps until he can spread The Love. If you know where he is tell him to go to the Comox […]

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