About Me

Hi everyone,

I’m Evann. I live in Canada in Comox, BC. I’m 11 years old and had my birthday in September.

My favourite colour is purple, but not like Barney. My favourite thing to eat is spaghetti. I like the noodles and the sauce but I don’t put parmesan cheese on the top because I just don’t like cheese that much. It gives me a stomach ache.

My favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I really like watching Sidney Crosby play because he is a great player and a good sport too. He is a Canadian!

I can do a 180 on a scooter and Bunny Hop too.  On my bike I can go off jumps and tweak!

I like to play Tech Deck.  I can ollie. My favorite brand is Monster Energy and Red Bull. And I can do sick bottle flips!

I am going to join the school volleyball team.

— Let me know in the comment what you do for fun.


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