What I don’t want for Christmas

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What i do not want for Christmas

  1. Jake Paul march  cause do not like his much i use to like some of it because it is so bad do you guys like Jake Paul merch
  2. i do not want is a lump of coil because you should only get it if you are on the knotty list Santa do not give me a lump of coil .
  3. i do not want school becuse it is so boring same times i just hope we have a lot of snow days that Would be awesome it would be so fun.
  4. I do not want a toy Spider-Man for Christmas.
  5. I don’t want to be on the naughty list for Christmas.
  6. I don’t want an iPhone 10 for Christmas
  7. don’t want a VR for Christmas.

why i do not want any of because I already have most of the stuff. cause i just not like how the i phones do there company.do you guys like iPhones. i want something for Christmas.good by.

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