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SID the Kid

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Sid the Kid…who is he in real life? Sidney Crosby was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the best in the NHL in my opinion, because the team he was on, the Pittsburgh Penguins, has won the Stanley Cup two years in a row. He’s worked very hard to get where he is. Sidney Crosby has been playing hockey for 12 years.

The first learning trait that Sidney Crosby displays is confidence.  Being the captain of the team, he helps his team mates to work together as a team and he probably gives them tips on what to do.  Sidney doesn’t back down on the ice if something happens to him, he keeps going.

The second learning trait that Sidney Crosby displays is risk taking.  Every time that he steps on the ice he is taking the risk of being injured.  He had 3 concussions last year alone.  He is also risk taking when he has the puck and is going for the net. The other team’s defense try to take him out so that he doesn’t score.

The next learning trait that he shows when he plays, is being strategic. Before they go onto the ice, Sidney talks with his team to plan strategies to use so they can score a goal.  If that doesn’t work he talks to his team while they’re on the bench to try something different. Even that sometimes doesn’t work, but they have lots of different plays that they can try.

Sidney Crosby has some of the best skills in the NHL, and he’s one of my favourite hockey players.  He uses strategies, confidence, and risk taking to help him focus and play his best. He is a good team leader, and his team mates like him. I hope he and the Pittsburg Penquins can win again this year.




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I think he was happy after he did this ollie. It probably took him a long time trying to do it but he was happy when he did it. I can do an ollie but it took me a long time to do it but it was so hard to learn. It looks so cool. It was awesome when I did it. I was so happy when I did this hard trick. I learned by my friend, Carson, who helped me. He is so cool, he is awesome.

Can you guys do an ollie?