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A_Dog Day 2016 at Andy Memorial Skate Park in Burlington, VTCreative Commons License James Buck via Compfight

Hi guys,

It’s Evann,

I am writing about skateboarding and the tricks  I can do and where I go skateboarding. Where I skate: I skate at The Link with my  friends.  Me and my friends can ollie. My friends taught me how to skate. I can almost pop shuv-it.



  1. Blake says:

    Hi Evann
    I think your post on skateboarding is really cool. I don’t skate board but it sounds like fun. Sometimes I go to the link and scooter. Hope to see more posts from you soon

  2. Carson says:

    Hello Evann
    I also like to skateboard, my best trick is a kick flip. I have been skateboarding for a couple months, Almost a year. I have a Plan B board, speed demons trucks, and alien workshop wheels. I like to go to the link to but I mostly scooter at the link.

  3. Evann says:

    HI Blake
    I Like To skateboard At The Link It Is fun doping In The bool;evann

  4. Kimberly says:

    Hey Evann!
    I have wanted to get into Skateboarding for a while, but I never quite got on-BOARD with it. I know that was a terrible joke, but still, I’ve wanted to skate, but I never got a skateboard… YES I’M A GIRL SAYING THAT. Deal with it =)
    I haven’t been to The Linc, but it does sound like a cool place! Great job with the post!

  5. bradysd33 says:

    Hi I’m Brady I live in Chilliwack BC
    I’m writing to you today because I scooter but I suck at skateboarding but I love going to skate parks and my friends taught me a tail whip.

    Ps Where do you live.

  6. Ben says:

    Hi, I’m Ben from Mrs. Kreise’s class in Texas. There’s a lot of people who have moved here from California, and they like to skate. I’ve never actually tried, but it seems like it would be a really fun thing to learn.
    Also, I once visited British Columbia, and everything was scarily perfect and clean.
    Here’s my blog.

  7. Brianna Piccinich says:

    Hi Evann,
    Great post! I can’t skateboard but I’ve always found it interesting, especially with all of the cool tricks. I’m sure you will pop shuv-it in no time!

  8. Evan says:

    Hey Evann,
    I like to skate board to but I mostly like to long board. I have fun going down big hills. I sometimes go so fast I get speed wobble then fall and get road rash all over my body. although I am not good at trick like kick flips or pop shove-it’s I can still skate around.

  9. Trey says:

    Hey Evann, It’s Trey.

    I see you like to Skate Board. I like your post but i’m not the best at skateboarding. I can barely ollie lol. But I do Tech Deck which I notice you do to. I can impossible, quad heel flip and much much more! Id like to skate but still stick with my passion which is Scooter riding. I’m not sure if you seen my comment on your scooter post but I’m pretty good at it. My best flat tricks are Half Cabb Downside tailwhip Fakie, 360, Fakie tailwhip tailwhip to 180 and I could also grind (Feeble).
    Looking forward to more posts!

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