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I like to scooter. I could tailwhip on my scooter and grind too . I could bunny hop and I like to listen to music while I am scootering. And I could flair at the Link -Evann


  1. Carson says:

    Hello Evan
    I love to scooter it is one of my favorite things to do, I ride a lucky crew scooter and if you would like to see a picture check out my scooter post. My best trick is a finger whip, it’s when you pull the scooter up let go with one hand, with your fingers push the deck and let it do a spin bring the scooter back down in land on it. I have been scooting for one year, my first scooter ever that I got when I was 2 was A fold up air walk scooter. I started scooter ring a little bit before my 11th birthday and for my 11th birthday I got my lucky crew!

  2. Jack says:

    Hey Evann!!
    I aslo love to scooter. This year I got a new scooter, it is a 2017 North Tomahawk. This year I have learned to tailwhip, grind, double whip, step up, 360 and a fakie tailwhip!! Its great that you have a passion for scootering. Maybe one time we can go scootering together.

    – Jack

  3. Trey says:

    Hey Evann
    I also like to scooter a lot to. Me and my friends made a scooter account on Instgram and you should check it out if you have time! I ride an MGP VX6 Nitro and I’ve been scootering for almost a year now on it. My top tricks are a double tailwhip, 360 and a half cabb downside tailwhip. I can all do these tricks flat and I was just curious if your park or street? Bye now!

  4. Evan says:

    Hi Evann,
    I like to scooter to. I can tail whip and bar spin. I like to drop in deep at the Isfield school skate park . My favorite trick is a feeble grind. I like to ride street and find rials and jumps. We should go scoot together sometime.

  5. Chloe says:

    Hi, Evann
    It`s nice how much you like to scooter . The only thing I can do is a bunny hop I`m not very good at scootering 🙂 You know how to do a lot of skills on your scooter for only starting 20016/17. What was the first skill that you learned to do on your scooter?
    Nice writing to you.
    Sincerely, Chloe

    • Evann says:

      HI Chloe Scootering Is lots of fun you should try it. The first trick I learned was a tail whip. It was really hard to land too. But then I got really good at it and now I can do 360s and other tricks.
      Thank you for commenting.

  6. Jackson says:

    Hi Evann, it’s Jackson. I like your post on scootering. I like to scooter too. What are other tricks can you do? Sincerely, Jackson

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