9 thoughts on “Scootering

  1. Carson

    Hello Evan
    I love to scooter it is one of my favorite things to do, I ride a lucky crew scooter and if you would like to see a picture check out my scooter post. My best trick is a finger whip, it’s when you pull the scooter up let go with one hand, with your fingers push the deck and let it do a spin bring the scooter back down in land on it. I have been scooting for one year, my first scooter ever that I got when I was 2 was A fold up air walk scooter. I started scooter ring a little bit before my 11th birthday and for my 11th birthday I got my lucky crew!

  2. Jack

    Hey Evann!!
    I aslo love to scooter. This year I got a new scooter, it is a 2017 North Tomahawk. This year I have learned to tailwhip, grind, double whip, step up, 360 and a fakie tailwhip!! Its great that you have a passion for scootering. Maybe one time we can go scootering together.

    – Jack

  3. Trey

    Hey Evann
    I also like to scooter a lot to. Me and my friends made a scooter account on Instgram and you should check it out if you have time! I ride an MGP VX6 Nitro and I’ve been scootering for almost a year now on it. My top tricks are a double tailwhip, 360 and a half cabb downside tailwhip. I can all do these tricks flat and I was just curious if your park or street? Bye now!

  4. Evan

    Hi Evann,
    I like to scooter to. I can tail whip and bar spin. I like to drop in deep at the Isfield school skate park . My favorite trick is a feeble grind. I like to ride street and find rials and jumps. We should go scoot together sometime.

  5. Chloe

    Hi, Evann
    It`s nice how much you like to scooter . The only thing I can do is a bunny hop I`m not very good at scootering 🙂 You know how to do a lot of skills on your scooter for only starting 20016/17. What was the first skill that you learned to do on your scooter?
    Nice writing to you.
    Sincerely, Chloe

    1. Evann Post author

      HI Chloe Scootering Is lots of fun you should try it. The first trick I learned was a tail whip. It was really hard to land too. But then I got really good at it and now I can do 360s and other tricks.
      Thank you for commenting.

  6. Jackson

    Hi Evann, it’s Jackson. I like your post on scootering. I like to scooter too. What are other tricks can you do? Sincerely, Jackson


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